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We are here for you every step of the way.

The whole development process, or just for specific steps... We work for elite brands, intrepid startups, academic groups and passionate innovators to make ideas reality.

Your brand, your product, your big idea... We love to build your project from the ground up, planning every detail with you from 0% to 100%.

If it comes to Web Design, Logo Design or Brand Design - we have experienced designers at Veste Software to make your vision reality.

Web Development is our specialty! Whether with Wordpress, Wikimedia, E-commerce, Data Visualizations and especially custom Javascript applications, we work with cutting edge technology to bring you the very best of 2021 Web Development.

Once your project is built, the product life starts and we are here to maintain, administrate and keep it up to date with the latest security updates and any upcoming feature requests you might have.

Recent work from our team members

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Dynamic visualization application for a MediaWiki (PostgreSQL)

Media-Wiki, Data-Visualization

A custom visualization application done for Copyrightevidence.org, we used a dynamic MediaWiki API query to visualize live data from a MediaWiki platform. It can be ad-hoc filtered through multiple charts and chart types that welcomes data exploration and data insights for the Copyright Evidence.

image alt image alt

Massive map application, visualizing millions of data points in various ways

Custom Application, Data-Visualization

This project was developed from scratch, several components of the platform and RESTful APIs had to be conceptually designed, implemented and adapted to new features. Endpoints are connected with Express.js to MongoDB for CRUD operations. The project is hosted with multiple replica pods on Microsoft Azure.
Available live at Chronas.org

image alt

Dynamic Widget Dashboard

Custom Application, Data-Visualization

A widget based visualization framework which let's users add metadata to their metrices and select charts and other visualizations based on the data type.

All visualization widgets can live update and communicate through a REST API to MongoDB and Cassandra. Widget sets and added metadata can be stored as templates for future quick use.

image alt

Wordpress with custom APIs and User Management


This project for Diligent Search entailed adding a user management system, discussion forum and backend feature that allowed for curating film copyrights in a decision tree form which were able to be saved, submitted or continued at a later stage.

image alt

Comments Network Visualizer


Project to experiment with d3.layout.force - any Reddit comment section can be visualized. Node size indicates rating and network structure represents comment hierarchy.

image alt

API to Dynamic Visualization


In this prototype done for Crisis.net, we connected the dynamic visualization web tool RAW to the API of CrisisNet. This was a proof of concept to show the visualization potentials of CrisisNet.

image alt image alt

Social Media Connected Wordpress App

Data-Visualization, Wordpress

This interactive application done for CrisisNet combines geographic and time tagged messages to investigate social media reports of the Syrian conflict on a Wordpress platform.

image alt

Big Data Real-Time Application

Custom Application, Data-Visualization

A Big Data car application visualizing up to a million moving cars on a seamlessly zoomable 3D globe.

With a back end reading from a Kafka stream, receiving and transforming the data with Spark Streaming and serving the relevant data depending on the zoom-level through an API.

The front-end visualization is based on Cesium.js, a WebGL 3D map engine and added visualization layers depending on the zoom level. Multiple bar layers with varying fidelity levels, a marker layer which showed the car brand and real time driving car 3D model using Lagrange interpolation to achieve a fluent driving effect.

image alt

Force-Directed Visualization


Visualization project for a news outlet that visualized a military treaty web of the US.

image alt

Various API projects

API backend

For several components of a platform, RESTful APIs had to be designed, implemented and administrated. Endpoints were connected with Express.js to MongoDB and Cassandra for CRUD operations. One such API is used for the above widget dashboard. Each API route has end-to-end tests and reports monitoring stats to Ganglia.

image alt

Tourism application


An online vacation rental application similar to Airbnb written in Drupal.

image alt

Magento E-commerce project


An online shop for posters, based on the Magento e-commerce platform.

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